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What's included in the price of a 3D World ?

3D Asset annual licence included

The spaceez offer includes a lifetime license of your 3D asset, once installed on your Metaverse platform. However, you do not own the 3D object itself.

Customisation in options

Lot of customization are included by default :  logo, the ground floor, the skybox360°, is implemented within your 3D space. Any further personalization, requires an extra quote.

Setup on your Metaverse account included

We help you setup your 3D universe on your Metaverse account : To do so, we need you to provide your host access and then remove the access later on.

Virtual world Maintenance included

Sometimes, Mesh updates can break some features of the virtual worlds. You licence covers the changes we should do to fix it. 

Rate simulation on the Metaverse Spatial & Microsoft Mesh editors


Yearly subscription

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The asset pack includes :

Annual licence for 1 metaverse editor account
Setup on your metaverse account
Project Management & Onboarding
Virtual world maintenance


Discounts provided with bundles of Assets

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We do propose 4 Bundle Asset Pack with discount up to 25%

Starter Pack (2 rooms)
Standard Pack (4 rooms)
Premium Pack (3 rooms + 1 Twin + 1 building)
Gold Pack (4 rooms+ 1 Twin + 1 building + 1 campus)

OPTION : What is included in the customisation process ?

World metaverse customisation - Logo and signage

Logo & Signage Customisation

Customisation of your logo/signage on différents place of your 3D world

The customization of your world starts with the integration of your logo in the 3D textures of your virtual world. It is possible to place your logo in different places already created for this purpose. But you can also tell us specific places where you would like to see your logo displayed. It is possible to place different logos.
We also can customise the signage with the name of the differents rooms for exemple : Conference room, Meeting room etc...

Ground Floor Customisation

Customise your 3D world with different ground floors

You can choose for each asset which floor you want :
- Ocean view : the asset is based on a large ocean
- Coutryside view : the asset is based on a countryside landscape
- Desert view : the asset is based on a desert
- Rofftop View : the asset is based in a rooftop city 360° view

Office furniture layout

Customise your 3D world with different office furniture layout

You can choose the layout you want with office table :
- Table of 5 people
- Table of 9 people
- Table of 16 people
- Round table, L table, Comex table etc...
furniture layout option for customisation of a 3D template on Microsoft Mesh
World metaverse customisation - skybox360

Skybox 360° Customization

What is a skybox 360° ?

A virtual world is mainly built with 3 types of 3D shapes :  The ground floor, the buildings and a 360° sphere around called skybox 360°.

The skyboxes are customizable with either a blue sky, a night sky, a city sphere, and many more options that you can choose.

Don’t need an annual licence ?
Rent it for a short time !

Renting à 3D universe is possible for a single event !

Our 3D universes are offered for both purchase and rental to accommodate diverse client needs. We recommend purchasing if you plan to establish a Metaverse for a year or longer, while renting is advisable for one-time events. The rental cost is priced at 33% of the purchase price.
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Renting or buying a 3D virtual world Spaceez Asset Store 3D

Frequently Asked Questions

What do i get when i buy a 3D template from the Asset Store ?

You buy the annual license of your 3D universe. You do not get the 3D object file. If you want to aquire the 3D object file , you need to order a custom 3D project. 
Once the choice is made, we customize it for you (logo, ground floor, skybox360°). Then we install it on your Metaverse account according to the publisher.

I have to update the 3D universe, can I do it myself ?

if you want to make modifications to the structure of the 3D object such as textures or walls, you cannot do it yourself. You will just have to send us an UPDATE request via our form. We will send you a quote within 48 hours.

I need a particular 3D world just for a virtual event, can I rent it to you for a short period ?

Of course, in the case of a rental, we will give you a quote. The rate will vary depending on the type of asset and the rental time.

The biggest world Asset Store for Metaverse editors
A service of customisation included in all our prices. 
Our services setup the universe directly to your Metaverse account
Just ask for further updates if necessary.