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The 1st 3D environments Asset store specifically designed Microsoft Mesh in Teams Premium

SPACEEZ Studio 3D is a builder of metaverse experiences for corporate collaboration and brand experience for Microsoft Mesh and Metaverse.

The Spaceez Asset Store enables small and big companies to build their virtual univers at a fair price with all the advices and services your need to be autonomus.

All our Assets has been build for the main online metaverse editors like or Mesh. 
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5 everyday use cases for immersive remote work meetings :

Your immersive remote meetings in Teams are usually based on 5 use cases:

Here is the list of suggested use cases:

  • Meeting & training
  • Conference
  • Lounge
  • Showroom
  • Workplace
  • Team-building
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Customization options for your 3D environments

All the remot work environments offered in our mesh asset store can be customized.

Branding Customization

Logo et colors
3D modeling of your signage

Choice of table layout

5 working configurations available

Choice in exterior view

5 groundfloors : Ocean View, Desert View, Rooftop View, Countryside View
skybox 360° : Day, Sunny, Midnight, Night
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right 3D environment for Microsoft Mesh or Spatial ?

You have several areas of research depending on your needs:
The first one: search by type of Metaverse editors. Indeed, not all virtual universes are valid for all editors. Pick up between and Microsoft Mesh validated templates.
Then, you can also search by theme or by collection  etc.. uses the filters to get dynamic results. 

On which metaverse editors do your 3D worlds work ?

Each 3D asset is made for one or several editeurs. At the moment, mostly Microsoft Mesh and SPATIAL IO which are the two main Metaverse editorsont he market. It can work also for
You can select in the search motor by "Editors" or you can also see a tag with the editor's name on pictures products. 

What do i get when i buy a 3D template from the Asset Store ?

You buy the annual license of your 3D universe . Ther is a price for infinite use. You do not get the 3D object file. If you want to aquire the 3D object file , you need to order a custom 3D project. 
Once the choice is made, we customize it for you (logo, floor and skybox360°). Then we install it on your Metaverse account according to the publisher.

I have to update the 3D universe, can I do it myself ?

You can do it yourself if it's a customization overlay with classic visuals like jpg, png.
However, if you want to make modifications to the structure of the 3D object such as textures or walls, you cannot do it yourself. You will just have to send us an UPDATE request via our form. We will send you a quote within 48 hours.

I need a particular 3D world just for a virtual event, can I rent it to you for a short period ?

Of course, in the case of a rental, we will give you a quote. The rate will vary depending on the type of asset and the rental time.

The biggest world Asset Store for Metaverse editors
A service of customisation included in all our prices. 
Our services setup the universe directly to your Metaverse account
Just ask for further updates if necessary.