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Metaverse BUILDER

Captivate your audience and enhance your brand’s image thanks to a fully customized 3D world created by our 3D design team.

For over 5 years, Spaceez has been a leading metaverse studio and extended reality specialist, with a proven track record in designing top-quality 3D environments and interactive experiences for both established Metaverse editors like Microsoft teams-Mesh, as well as

Our virtual worlds are customized to work seamlessly across all devices, be it desktop, mobile or virtual reality, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience.

With a team of expert designers specializing in four key areas of 3D virtual content – collaboration, brand experience, entertainment, and real-estate digital twins – we are well-equipped to deliver on a wide range of project requirements.

In addition, we offer the largest pre-built asset store worldwide, providing you with the option to buy or rent pre-designed 3D worlds created and compliant to Microsoft teams-mesh and editors

Based in Paris, France, our team of native project managers is available to provide support in French or English, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout your project.. 

Custom 3D Design for specific demands
Working with the main Metaverse editors
Pre-built 3D environments on the Asset Store
Collaboration, Brand experience, Entertainment
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Producing 3D models for metaverses occurs in 5 steps

At Spaceez, we prioritize thorough consultation with our clients to ensure a clear understanding of their expectations, specific requirements, and strategic business objectives. This approach enables us to maintain alignment throughout each phase of the project and deliver optimal results.

Modeling & Texturing
Test & Delivery

Mesh Worlds for Remote Work

3D environments designed for Collaboration on Microsoft Mesh

Re-enchant your collaborative meetings by immersing yourself in virtual universes dedicated to each of your professionnel needs :
Conference room, Meeting Room, Lounge, Lobby, Campus, Business center etc...

Contact us for a custom development project or find the Metaverse universe that suits you in our asset store of prefabricated templates.

Each 3D universe is made specifically for the main Metaverse editors like Spatial or Frame. Most off them are built on Blender or Unity depending the level of interaction & scenarisation you want. 

Spatial Worlds for Brand Experience

3D environments designed for Brand Experience on

The Metaverse 3D Design enables to create infinite virtual worlds regarding your specific needs like promoting your brands, engaging your community, target new customers. We are providing you the main uses cases for your communication surch as : Showroom, NFT Gallery, Virtual shops, Games Experiences, Press Rooms etc.

Please feel free to reach out to us regarding your custom development project or browse through our asset store of pre-fabricated templates to find the Metaverse universe that best fits your needs.

Our selection of 3D universes are tailored to suit the main Metaverse editors such as Spatial or Frame, and are constructed with either Blender or Unity depending on the level of interaction and scenarisation desired.

Spatial Gamified Experiences for Entertainment

3D Experiences made for gamification on

Thanks to advancements in Metaverse technology, it is now possible to create fully gamified experiences complete with quests to solve, triggers, badge systems, and a range of interactive features reminiscent of classic video games. Certain Metaverse editors offer these capabilities, enabling developers to craft immersive experiences that blur the lines between gaming and virtual reality.

Looking to create your very own Metaverse game experience ? Our team can help bring your vision to life with a custom development project or you can check out our asset store to find the perfect prefabricated template.

We developpe mainly our Metaverse games with the famous Unity software. 

So, whether you want to create a thrilling action-packed world or a serene, immersive environment, we've got you covered!

Digital Twin for remote work on Mesh

Grab the opportunity to create your virtual twin for your HQ or Estate Project on Microsoft Mesh

With the power of the Metaverse, you can now create a digital twin of your company or model your future real estate project, offering a new level of insight and engagement. Through virtual reality, it is possible to remotely connect with multiple individuals and explore familiar premises, making it easier than ever to collaborate and communicate with team members, stakeholders, and clients from anywhere in the world.
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The biggest world Asset Store for Metaverse editors
A service of customisation included in all our prices. 
Our services setup the universe directly to your Metaverse account
Just ask for further updates if necessary.