Join the inner circle of
Microsoft Mesh Pioneers

Spaceez Incubator program in partnership with Microsoft Mesh

Mesh Incubator Program Overview


A 9 months incubating program in 3 phases :
Acculturation & POC | Mesh deployment | Immersive meeting extension

Personalized Support and Guidance by Spaceez 360°experts
Coaching | Training | 3D Building | IT Support

Priority partnership with Spaceez & Mesh US Product Team
NDA | visio-meetings | co-development | roadmap | feedbacks

Exclusive privilege to advanced Mesh technology development
Be one of the 1st companies worldwide to deploy Mesh in Teams

Membership Key benefits
Unique licencing & services rates

VIP Access to US Microsoft Headquarters & Mesh Events
Learning journey at US Microsoft HQ - Redmond (Washington State)

lets get started with microsoft mesh in teams

Mesh Acculturation

Microsoft Mesh builds engaging virtual worlds for remote work, learning, training.
An amazing Immersive platform for Collaboration to be tested easily.

Microsoft Mesh Awareness

Spaceez introduction stage to Virtual Remote Work. Conference : the use cases of immersive meetings. VR headset workshop (Meta Quest) on site. Live remote demonstration on PC.

Mesh in Microsoft Teams Test & Learn

1st internal use of immersive meetings in Teams with Spaceez Support. IT Integration within your Microsoft 360 eco-system.

Set up of a co-development program with Mesh product team USA and Spaceez

Introduction & Feedback video-calls with USA product team. NDA signature for co-developpement program. Spaceez team support for coaching future needs

Spaceez Mesh incubator program - Step 1 -Awareness
Use cases Conference
VR headset demo on site
Live remote test on PC
Mesh in Teams free trial
Co-development partnership USA
Coaching & Spaceez support
immersive remote work with Microsoft mesh virtual worlds - spaceez

Mesh Standalone deployment

It's time to get hands-on with the Microsoft Mesh machine with custom's worlds

Strategic Consulting & Training Support

Identification of specific customer use-cases, Sequencing of deployment phases, Definition of short-term adoption processes, Feedbacks analysis, ROI, Futures needs and projects. User & Admin training.

Virtual Production & integration thanks to our 3D Asset Store

Selection and Deployment of 5 virtual spaces from our 3D templates library
(1 Meeting Room , 1 Conference Room, 1 Lounge Room, 1 Twin Room,1 Workplace)
Customisation and integration on your Mesh Account.

Co-development program in coordination with The US Mesh product Team

Unlimited video calls with US Microsoft product teamDévelopment support from Mesh Developpers Roadmap Access and possibility to ask for specific features;
On demand 3D project for Spaceez* (*request an additionnal quote)
Coaching on deployment
User & admin training
Choice of 5 virtual worlds (Asset Store)
Customisation & integration on Mesh
US co-development relationship

Deployment within your Microsoft ecosystem & applications

Priority Access to custom immersive meetings extension in Teams

Coaching & training for immersive meetings extension in Teams. Integration support . Feedback visio-calls with the Microsoft USA Product team

Onboarding & Training Gamified Program Study

Coaching for immersive training and onboarding program thanks to visual scripting in Mesh SDK. Drawing up specifications & quote estimate for a future gamified training and onboarding program

VR headset deployment insight in partnership with Meta Group
Hardware, Fleet management software, storage, safety and usage

Spaceez Mesh incubator program - Step3-Mesh in Teams extension
Mesh in Teams Deployment
Extending Mesh to massive users
Training program insight
Onboarding program insight
Blender or unity development
US co-development relationship
Microsoft mesh Succes user - final step closing - spaceez

Microsoft Industry Leader

Autonomy target reached for all use cases deployed intoyour campany. 

Time to close the 9 months program. 
Final feedback visio-calls with the US Product Team.
Priviledged access to the corporate learning journey  at Microsoft Redmond Headquarters.
Acess to Mesh onsite events  & online keynotes.
Standalone Mesh
Goal achieved
Mesh in Teams
Goal achieved
Meeting, Onboarding Training validated
Autonomy Target reached
Strong relationship with Spaceez for the future
The biggest world Asset Store for Metaverse editors
A service of customisation included in all our prices. 
Our services setup the universe directly to your Metaverse account
Just ask for further updates if necessary.